2017 Annual Clinical Meeting Poster Contest

SOGH is pleased to present the 2nd Annual Clinical Meeting Poster Contest!  This is a great opportunity for members and conference attendees to share innovations and success stories.  

Suggested Poster Contest topic ideas include:

  1. A case report where your role as a hospitalist made a unique impact on a particular patient’s outcome – so SOGH can congratulate you for your decisive actions (don’t be shy if you did a great job!)
  2. A case report of an unusual presentation – it can help all of us should we encounter a similar problem
  3. An innovative protocol or an initiative that expanded or improved patient care – why reinvent the wheel when we can learn from each other
  4. Before and after data documenting the effect of an intervention on patient care – we can study the impact of our own work

Presentation Format and Eligibility Requirements:

  1. All Poster Contest participants must be registered for the 2017 Annual Clinical Meeting.  Registration Form available here.
  2. All Poster Contest participants must register their poster by August 31, 2017 (there is no fee, but SOGH will ensure there is adequate space available). Register for the Poster Contest here.
  3. All Poster Contest participants must be present on Monday to mount their posters in the promenade area adjacent to the exhibitors and registration area on Monday and Tuesday (September 25-26). 
  4. The poster's organizational format is flexible and appropriate to the type of your communication. 
  5. Posters will be judged by an SOGH Panel and the top three posters will be announced on Wednesday, September 27. The poster with the greatest impact will receive an award.  Contest winner must be present to win.
Poster Contest Registration Deadline: August 31, 2017