Non-Committee Volunteer Opportunities

SOGH also offers member volunteers opportunities to serve in the following non-Committee capacities:

Core Competencies Chapter Contributors

SOGH has begun the important work of developing Core Competencies for OB and OB/GYN Hospitalists. This 3-year project will establish standards for the knowledge, skills, and attitudes expected of hospitalists in Obstetrics and Gynecology and will provide a framework for education and training of current and future physicians. Phase 1 – Define Structure and Topics List - began this summer under the direction of the Core Competencies Leadership Committee in partnership with the Core Competencies Task Force and will be completed in early 2018. Phase 2 – Content Development - will begin next spring through September 2018. In planning for this phase, SOGH is seeking authors to write content for each chapter within the Core Competencies. Guidelines and support from the SOGH Core Competencies Editorial Board will be provided for the process. Once content is developed, chapters will undergo a robust Review and Revisions phase over 2 years prior to finalizing the entire document for publication in September 2020.  

Author Requirements: Seeking OB and OB/GYN hospitalists who enjoy writing, ideally possess prior writing/publishing experience, excellent communication skills, and are able to work within deadlines.

Meetings/Time Commitment: Authors will be selected in early 2018 and will be engaged in the research, writing, and editing process between May 2018 - September 2019. Anticipated time commitment will vary from 0 – 4 hours/week depending on the phase of the project. The Core Competencies Leadership Committee is Chaired by Dr. Tanner Colegrove.  Please e-mail  for more information or to express interest in volunteering as a Core Competencies chapter contributor. 


Newsletter Contributors and Editors

SOGH distributes newsletters to stakeholders six times each year and relies on current Board members, Committee members, and general members to assist in providing relevant, thought-provoking, interesting content for each newsletter. Current Newsletter Sections available for contribution include: Code This, Practice Matters, Clinical Pearl, and a selection of current newsworthy articles and research. 

Newsletters are published on the first Monday of the month, and are scheduled as follows in 2018: January, March, May, July, September, and November.  View previous SOGH Newsletters and learn more on the SOGH website.

 Newsletter contributors are asked to submit articles to the Content Editor eight to ten weeks prior to the publication date. The content editor reviews, edits, and returns amended articles to authors before submitting to the Production Editor for online layout, distribution e-mail drafting, and final review prior to the publication date. Please utilize the contact details below for more information or to express interest in volunteering on the SOGH Newsletter. 

2018 SOGH Newsletter Co-Editors 
Dayna Smith [e-mail]
Jane Van Dis [e-mail]