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SOGH May 2017 Newsletter

The Society of OB/GYN Hospitalists is dedicated to improving outcomes for hospitalized women and supporting those who share this mission.

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It is with great enthusiasm that I announce Vision 2020, SOGH’s first multi-year strategic plan.  The Board along with the Society’s Executive Director, Toni Capra, has established goals, priorities and benchmarks for our organization over the next three years.  The major focus will be on delineating core competencies which define expectations of practitioners who identify as OB/GYN Hospitalists. 

In this newsletter’s coding section is a timely article on changes that may impact practitioners via  Medicare payment methodology.  With such a significant percentage of prenatal care being provided in Federally Qualified Healthcare clinics and with a majority of deliveries being paid for by Medicaid, it is logical to anticipate future change in our practice and compensation.  Your feedback is important in helping to proactively shape the role of OB/GYN hospital care.

With summer approaching, concern about Zika virus infection in pregnancy is rising.  While we can help pregnant women through education about avoiding mosquito bites, reducing risk by avoiding unintended conception remains challenging.  One strategy for the most vulnerable population is post placental IUD placement.  Until a dedicated postpartum IUD inserter (one has been developed) becomes available, SOGH will continue a skill station at our ACM.  While formal training is recommended prior to incorporating this into clinical practice, this protocol (link) for insertion may be informative. For more about copper or hormonal IUD use, as well as other postpartum contraceptive options, please see the CDC Medical Eligibility Criteria Summary Chart. click here..

Hoping to see you at the ACOG Annual Meeting in San Diego.


Meredith Morgan, M.D.
President, SOGH