SOGH seeks to engage members in volunteer opportunities, including service on committees.  Committee member recruitment typically takes place in September/October each year with Committees set and meeting by November/December.  Contact SOGH for more information regarding committee service and meeting schedules.


2018-19 SOGH Committees

Academic Committee - Vickie Tatsis, Chair
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The purpose of the Academic Committee is to advise on and participate in the organization’s academic, research and content development, including setting standards for an educational curriculum and training process, working with SOGH management on marketing fellowships to residency programs, coordinating industry sponsored and independent research program development and analysis, as well as maintenance and expansion of the member-only Resource section of the SOGH website.  

Annual Clinical Meeting Committee - Vanessa Torbenson & Jen Butler, Co-Chairs
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The purpose of the ACM Committee is to advise on and participate in the development of the SOGH annual meeting, including establishing the ACM theme, the overall direction for general session and workshop content, recommendation and recruitment of speakers, faculty, industry partners and clinical content contributors, serving as an ambassador for the ACM during the planning process, and volunteering on-site at the ACM as needed.
Development Committee - Brendan Carroll, Chair
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The purpose of the Development Committee is to advise on and participate in the organization's development efforts, by serving as a principal volunteer on annual fund, Annual Clinical Meeting (ACM) sponsorship and exhibitors, and special development projects. Activities include identifying and facilitating introductions of prospects for annual fund, ACM sponsorship & exhibitors and special development projects, participating in solicitations of prospects for annual fund, ACM sponsorship & exhibitors, and also maintaining and expanding donor relationships. 


Finance & Administration Committee - Arthur Townsend, Chair
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The Finance & Administration Committee is responsible for assisting the Board in ensuring the organization is in good fiscal health. The Committee will advise on topics including financial planning and budget preparation, review of proposed new funding and any associated financial implications, ensuring that proper risk management provisions are in place and that SOGH finances comply with federal and state requirements, making recommendations for financial oversight such as engagement of independent auditors, and the creation of an administrative manual outlining processes, protocols and procedures.

Governance Committee - Jane van Dis, Chair
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The Governance Committee is responsible for ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the organization’s governance and Board of Directors. Primary activities include review, recommendation and draft of amendments to the current By-laws; ensuring alignment with policies that best serve the organization; leading the board in updating its roles, areas of responsibility and expectations of individual board members as well as succession planning; assisting in shaping the Board’s agenda; assessment of the current and anticipated board composition; design and oversight of the Board orientation process; recommending and drafting board and Society policies related to conflict of interest, confidentiality, etc.

Simulation CommitteeBrook Thomson & Julianne DeMartino, Co-Chairs
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The purpose of the SIM Committee is to support the Annual Clinical Meeting (ACM) Committee in coordinating all aspects of SIM course offerings for the ACM as well as to support the society’s commitment to support its members in acquiring the tools needed to run a successful OB/GYN Hospitalist program. Committee members assist in the development of SIM course structure and content; recommend and recruit SIM faculty and speakers; volunteer on-site at the ACM SIM sessions; and participate in SIM planning meetings.


Survey Committee - Cate Stika, Chair
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The purpose of the Survey Committee is to manage the biennial OB/GYN Hospitalist Employment & Salary Survey and also conduct additional surveys at the discretion of the SOGH Board of Directors. The Committee is responsible for conducting in-depth research to determine the current number of OB/GYN hospitalists in the U.S.; developing a strategy to research OB/GYN hospitalist programs and staffing; conducting research and data collection on OB/GYN hospitalists’ salaries, employment, job satisfaction and other work issues. 

Advisory Council 
Robert Fagnant
Karenmarie Meyer
Rob Olson
Jennifer Tessmer-Tuck

The purpose of the Advisory Council is to provide historical knowledge, institutional memory and advice to the Board of Directors, as requested. Additionally, the Advisory Council may act as a liaison representing SOGH to other professional organizations, contribute content to newsletters or other SOGH publications, serve as a speaker, panelist, lecturer or session leader at the SOGH Annual Clinical Meeting, and also serve as a member of a Standing or Supporting Committee.